SEVEN | seven quick takes on catching up!

Talk about an unintended hiatus! It’s been a while since I have been able to sit down and actually think about blog-related things. We have been going full speed lately and with the holiday season quickly approaching, I don’t see us slowing down anytime soon. Which is great, but may also mean fewer, far between blog posts. So I thought I would join Jen + the gang and catch everyone up on some happenings over here and what exactly is keeping us so busy!

1. BABY | We hit the seven month mark this week and I’m not trying to sound cliche, but time needs to slow down! I popped by my old school today to say hi to some old coworker friends and it amazed me how much time has passed and how quickly life is moving. Madeline is officially mobile and we are having fun watching her explore the world (except when she tries to crawl under her crib…those explorations are not so fun). Besides crawling another first we have been greeted with this week is our first cold! Poor lady was up all night between a stuffy nose and a terrible cough. I’m really hoping this passes soon. It’s rough on everyone! But other than some sniffles we are really enjoying things right now. I just can’t believe 7 months have already gone by.

2. BOOKS | So I think I am officially cutting myself off from adding anymore reading material to my Kindle, ordering anything book related off Amazon, or checking anything out from the library. I have way too many books stacked on my bedside table and I need to start marking a few off of the “have read” list rather than add more to the “to read” list. Just a few I’m either currently reading or are intending to read in the near future. I’m hoping to review a couple of them on here because what I’ve read so far has been great:

  • Momnipotent – Reading for our moms bookclub at church and it has been fantastic for this season in life. Nice easy read with some really good reminders that I have been needing to hear.
  • The Nesting Place: It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful – Recommended to me by a friend from bookclub. We were talking about making your home inviting but also a comfortable place for others to be and this book is along the lines of that sentiment.
  • Girl Cook – library find that had an interesting description.
  • The Importance of being Kennedy – another recommendation and library find that I really need to read sooner rather than later because I’m tired of renewing it.


3. RUN | I was really excited about the prospect of doing this fun run with Amber and having a little blogger meet up but with the craziness that was this week and running around today with a sniffly/crying babe I never made it down to pick up my registration. ): Kind of bummed but because of all the grumping done by our little one today I’m not anticipating her to be 100% tomorrow so it may just be best we take it easy.

4. HUNT | We have officially started our house hunt. We have been researching/doing the online browsing thing for a while now but it’s time we start the process and get the ball rolling. I can honestly say I was seriously underestimating how much energy and humility this search would take. House hunting is no joke and it’s honestly one of the hardest/scariest things I’ve had to go through. I have high hopes that we will be able to find something in our budget within our location but I also know that it won’t be easy and will take  A LOT of patience on my part. Prayers are always and forever appreciated.


5, 6, 7. BLOGS | Some blogs that have caught my eye this week and I thought might interest others in their weekend reading…

  • Loving Katrina’s blog make-over in honor of her 2nd blogging birthday! She is such a doll and after reading each others blogs for a while we were able to finally meet at The Hundred event in August. Go check her out!
  • Juliet Gayle is here! One of my sweet friends and former coworkers welcomed her little doll of a girl into the world about a month ago and posted her GORGEOUS newborn photos.
  • A friend of mine sent this blog to me about a month ago, Catholic Cuisine. A blog that marries my faith + my love for food is pretty much perfect.
First shiner cheer of the season – after our first and loooong day of house hunting.

Cheers to the weekend!

seven quick takes

Linking up with Jen & some other lovely ladies for some seven quick takes on this beautiful Friday afternoon (temps in the 70’s all weekend until Sunday when we are supposed to freeze and have ice pellets and the world will end – enjoying it while it lasts)!

1. While my sweet third grade cherubs have been getting along lately (what the what?) and I haven’t felt the need to intervene in any social/emotional ways, I think the next time I have to I am going to take after my teammate Heidi. She was struggling with some big bad word monsters in her class this week and really nipped it in the bud (I’ve always thought that phrase was kind of weird but it gets the job done) among her hoard of 8 year old teasers. Way to be awesome, Heidi!

2. While I feel that an entire post dedicated to the cravings of the tiny human in my womb might be a little excessive (or not, I mean you may really be dying to know and who am I to deprive you of such culinary inspiration? Future posts might happen…) it’s never too much for a take. Currently craving: Lemonade & marshmallows. To be even more specific: Diet Lemonade from Chick-fil-a and Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows. I am also lucky enough to work with some of the sweetest people and the teacher I am mentoring this year surprised me with a big bag of fluffy goodness this morning. Reallllly trying to not go through the ENTIRE bag today.


3. Happy Chinese New Year! Today we had a short mini lesson on the Chinese New Year traditions and then my kiddos wrote their name in Chinese and learned their Chinese zodiac sign – it was really awesome to see them so into another culture. I however do not appreciate the description of the dragon which is my sign… “big mouthed” gave all of my kids a pretty good laugh,..


4. In other teaching news, a coworker of mine posted this article about a super inspiring teacher. I stole the exercise she does with her class and did it today. I will say that the results were not a big surprise but it motivates me and opens my eyes to some of the cliques already starting with my class. While they may only be 8 years old, they are still so capable of some grown up and not so nice behaviors.

5. We have our first baby shower next weekend! It’s kind of crazy how fast things are sneaking up on me. We fly down to NOLA on Friday and besides the baby shower I think my only other concerns are devouring a pile of beignets and some Randazzo’s king cake.


6. Going to see Dallas Buyers Club tonight and really looking forward to a break from the massive amounts of school work I have been bringing home. Eric and I have been wanting to see it for a while and I want to soak up as much alone time (I always want to say one-on-one time a-la-the-Bachelor lingo) with him as possible before this little girl rocks our world.

7. Success of the week: finishing up our child rearing (I’m immature and the term rearing ALWAYS gets me) class this week and finally learning the appropriate baby burrito technique! It was the third and final portion of our child birth class and can I just say it is adorable how excited my husband is about this kid. I know that we both have our doubts and worries but his enthusiasm towards parenting makes me excited to go through this with him. He’s awesome.

Happy weekend people!


Joining Jen and others over here for 7 little quicks.

1. Finally not feeling like a zombie anymore. I spent the better half of this week walking around half asleep and sniffly. I’m super happy to not have anything more than some residual sneezes and a scratchy voice left over. I don’t think I’ve had a cold that bad in a while but honestly it could have been worse. Strep throat has been going around my classroom/our school for the semester and I would much rather take some sneezes over a beastly sore throat. I’ve also had a wonderful teammate taking care of me all week and my super husband by my side helping me with grading and supplying me with spicy pho. I have learned a little married life lesson throughout this week. When one spouse gets sick the other shall soon follow. Now beardyhubs has the zombie cold so I suppose it’s my turn to play doctor and get him feeling better.  

2. On the search for the perfect planner. As I was perusing the heavenly aisles of office supplies during my weekly* Target-only-buying-sale-stuff-and-still-spending-too-much-money trip. It dawned on me that I needed to start my yearly search for the perfect planner… I love planners. I know that I could keep all of my social activities on my phone and be really tech-savvy and such. But there is just something about writing it down in a planner, staying organized, and flipping through the pages. I have been trying to find the perfect planner for years. One that is durable and has a monthly calendar as well as week days to write things down. Something not terribly expensive. Something that I will actually want to use the entire year.

I came across this beauty this week. Not sure if I’m willing to shell out the 50 bucks for a planner. I may just need to put it on the Christmas list for now…

3. THANKSGIVING. As I was writing my lesson plans this week I decided to go ahead and be an overachiever and write next week’s 5 days + the 2 days before T-giving break. It got me REALLY excited. Oh beautiful break you are so close. SO CLOSE. This past month has been hard, stressful, and full of work. I’m so ready for a break. Spending time with family and friends and finding relaxation. We are heading down to NOLA for this holiday and I could not be happier!

4. Friends. As I said before, this week was tough but made better by people taking care of me. Other friend -time things were super fun Zumba class on Wednesday and dinner with a friend, who I had not talked to in a while, last night. I’m so thankful for these people that have been put in my life. Dancing with my friends on Wednesday lifted my spirits so much. I’ve missed dancing with them. Dinner last night was so needed and I’m looking forward to more time spent with that friend in the future. I’m seriously blessed.

5.  Musics. 

Song that I’m really liking right now. All good music taste credit goes to my hubbubs. Also, I just got spotify and my mind has been blown.

(photo credit: NY Times)

6. Election. Well my Facebook feed has been filled with comments regarding the election, as I’m sure yours has as well. I won’t comment on my feeling towards the day-after statuses but I will comment on the day-of posts. It was refreshing to see so many of my family and friends really encouraging each other to get out and vote. So many saying that it didn’t matter which party you wished to vote for as long as you just went out and  participated. So many people just excited and feeling patriotic, feeling blessed to be a part of our nation. I really hope that we can keep up those feelings, the ones that encourage togetherness and a sense of oneness as a country. I like those feelings and think they are going to result in better things to come for our country. ‘MURICA.

7. BED DAY! Tomorrow. Is. THE. Day!!!!!!! We are getting our super wonderful amazing king sized mattress and bed frame. No more elbows accidentally hitting faces and a mattress that will hopefully not leave our backs in knots. I plan on sleeping most of the weekend.

7.5 Today was a really good day. 

Done, and done. So they weren’t so quickish.


7 quick takes, take 3

Woke up late this morning and totally thought it was Saturday. Also, at various times this week I thought it was Tuesday (like on Monday…thought it was Tuesday, yesterday… thought it was Tuesday). Losing my brain much?


Happy teacher appreciation week to all my fellow teaching people out there! I received a lot of gifts from several students all week long and I’m not going to lie, it was awesome. I’m still in my new teacher state of mind where I feel really undeserving of all the gifts I receive from my kids and their parents. I really hope that that feeling never fades. 

Wedding news! Bridesmaids shoes and my wedding shoes have been found! Just in time too because apparently my dress is shipping either Friday or Monday. WEIRD RIGHT?! I had a lovely little shopping trip with my sister last night where we were lucky to find both shoes. I am super relieved to have that done and am hoping that everyone likes the choice we made. It honestly didn’t hit me until I came home that these are the shoes I’ll be wearing on my WEDDING DAY. 85 days, people. Eighty. Five. Days. Also, going to look at and hopefully pick out invitations this weekend!!!! Whoop!  


Saw this video about a week ago on another blog. STILL making me laugh. Mainly because I think about myself and how many times this has awkwardly happened to me. Especially in college. Even sometimes at work now with kids. I think a kid in the hallway will be talking to me and really they are talking to someone half my size hiding behind me. I have to admit, it’s more embarrassing when it involves kids. 😉 


This weekend, next week, and the week after are going to be full of moving! Two of my dearest friends are moving into our apartment complex this weekend and my sister is moving to one around the corner. Then I’m helping a handsome bearded guy move into OUR new apartment in a couple of weeks, where I will be joining him in August! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Getting nervous, excited, and happy for some change and new things to look forward to! 


New blog find! Really digging this girl and her inspirational words and posts. I especially liked one of her posts this week and plan on writing a short reflection about it on here. Check her out! 


So…Pinterest. Can we talk about this for a minute? I love Pinterest and all that it is about. It gives me ideas I honestly could not think of on my own and overloads me with wonderful amount of information. That’s just it though…SO MUCH ADORABLE CUTENESS ALL THE TIME. It gets to be a lot. I want to do cute pinterest-y things but I look at it and I think to myself, holy cow. I want to PIN ALL OF THE THINGS and DO all of the things! Also, I love it when I get on a fitness pinning kick and pin all of this fitness-y motivational stuff…whilst eating cookies and popcorn on my couch…

Phone dumpage! Woot woot. 
(1. teacher appreciation gift card day…$56 starbucks dollars WILL be put to good use 2. teacher appreciation BOOK day, loving new books in my library 3. cute note from a student 4. classy cinco picture with the prehusband 5. cinco de bulldog! 6. wedding presents!!! 7. footerfly! 8. stock the teacher’s lounge day…my fave part was the honey packets.) 
If you can figure out the way I listed the descriptions of those picture I will give you one of those honey packets as a prize!

Happy weekend! Want some nice musics? Click here
Also, go check out the 7 Quick Takes guest host’s blog here

7 quick takes, take 2

Here we go again, seven quick takes from this (seriously, unexpectedly long and a wee-bit-tiring) week!

As stated previously, this week was LONG and more tiring that expected. I was kind of hoping for a more relaxed week but life happens as does overbooking oneself (which I am especially good at). This girl needs a nap and some time not doing anything. Now if only I could tell myself that when faced with the decision to commit to yet ANOTHER activity. 


May is going to be awesome. As stated by the 23 reasons found here. (just warning to be P.C., some of it may be slightly inapprops. only slightly) 

Teacher appreciation week is next week! Totally wanting one of these little pretties from Vera Bradley. 


Today is May 4th, Star Wars day AND  the day that marks 3 months until married times! I think this is completely appropriate considering the bearded nerdiness that I am engaged to marry. 🙂 

You know when you have those moments where you suddenly realize just how fortunate and blessed you really are? I had one of those this morning while driving to work. Love those. It’s been a week of complaints unfortunately (both voiced and unvoiced). Complaining how long the week is, complaining how tired I am, complaining about money, complaining about everything. But for some reason I was able to reach some clarity today (maybe it’s a Friday thing;) and realize that I still have food in my belly, a warm bed, and way too many clothes. 

Here’s a link to a blog I am currently reading. I love this couple and how much they love to teach people about love. They have an interesting story and reading their beautiful words often puts me in a better mood. 


Picture dumping times! (1. 3 months! I know I’m annoying! 2. Did not realize that so many of the mini wines existed or that they were in such high demand! 3. Suuuper excited about bridaly things starting 4. MAY! 5. handsome 6. Go rangers!)

7 quick takes, take 1

Having done my fair share of reading around the blog world, I have come across a few blogs who like to do this weekly wrap up thing call “7 quick takes.” I like it. It sums up your week and I’m going to try and make it only POSITIVE takes from this week. So here we go… 

Lets just be completely honest and start this thing off right. I am so glad this week is OVER. We have successfully survived the STAAR test and we can now start the count down to summer (or for me, summer school). My kids (students, not babies) are all pretty worn out from the experience  as is their teacher (ME). 


Looking forward to my dear teaching partner’s WEDDING this weekend! We are close to her and her to-be-husband and I am so excited to be a part of their celebration and see her all dressed up in wedding-ness. Although, I am nervous because we are singing at her wedding and I always have this fear when I am asked to sing at a wedding that I am going to either A) forget the words or B) sing the wrong notes. Here’s to hoping it all goes well! She is getting married at the Stoneleigh. I’m pumped. (Photo cred here)


So today marks 99 days until I am getting married. WEIRD. Yesterday it was suggested that I make a paper chain for my handsomely bearded fiance, and then challenged that I needed to take pictures or it didn’t happen. Oh it happened. Big time. 


Spent our library time today looking at the Guinness Book of World Records with some of my students today. Most entertaining thing


Currently reading this book right now. I was introduced to this story when I stumbled upon this blog and saw that he was coming out with a book. It has been such a wonderful read so far and I am really looking forward to school slowing down and summer coming so I can finish it. Matt Logelin is such a wonderful, hilarious, real writer. Seriously, read his blog and book. So good. 


Can I just say how HAPPY I am that Saturday School is over? Thankful for bit of extra money but even more thankful for my Saturday mornings back. Yoga here I come.


Phone dump! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the week. Here’s to hoping for an even lovelier weekend!