Joining Jen and others over here for 7 little quicks.

1. Finally not feeling like a zombie anymore. I spent the better half of this week walking around half asleep and sniffly. I’m super happy to not have anything more than some residual sneezes and a scratchy voice left over. I don’t think I’ve had a cold that bad in a while but honestly it could have been worse. Strep throat has been going around my classroom/our school for the semester and I would much rather take some sneezes over a beastly sore throat. I’ve also had a wonderful teammate taking care of me all week and my super husband by my side helping me with grading and supplying me with spicy pho. I have learned a little married life lesson throughout this week. When one spouse gets sick the other shall soon follow. Now beardyhubs has the zombie cold so I suppose it’s my turn to play doctor and get him feeling better.  

2. On the search for the perfect planner. As I was perusing the heavenly aisles of office supplies during my weekly* Target-only-buying-sale-stuff-and-still-spending-too-much-money trip. It dawned on me that I needed to start my yearly search for the perfect planner… I love planners. I know that I could keep all of my social activities on my phone and be really tech-savvy and such. But there is just something about writing it down in a planner, staying organized, and flipping through the pages. I have been trying to find the perfect planner for years. One that is durable and has a monthly calendar as well as week days to write things down. Something not terribly expensive. Something that I will actually want to use the entire year.

I came across this beauty this week. Not sure if I’m willing to shell out the 50 bucks for a planner. I may just need to put it on the Christmas list for now…

3. THANKSGIVING. As I was writing my lesson plans this week I decided to go ahead and be an overachiever and write next week’s 5 days + the 2 days before T-giving break. It got me REALLY excited. Oh beautiful break you are so close. SO CLOSE. This past month has been hard, stressful, and full of work. I’m so ready for a break. Spending time with family and friends and finding relaxation. We are heading down to NOLA for this holiday and I could not be happier!

4. Friends. As I said before, this week was tough but made better by people taking care of me. Other friend -time things were super fun Zumba class on Wednesday and dinner with a friend, who I had not talked to in a while, last night. I’m so thankful for these people that have been put in my life. Dancing with my friends on Wednesday lifted my spirits so much. I’ve missed dancing with them. Dinner last night was so needed and I’m looking forward to more time spent with that friend in the future. I’m seriously blessed.

5.  Musics. 

Song that I’m really liking right now. All good music taste credit goes to my hubbubs. Also, I just got spotify and my mind has been blown.

(photo credit: NY Times)

6. Election. Well my Facebook feed has been filled with comments regarding the election, as I’m sure yours has as well. I won’t comment on my feeling towards the day-after statuses but I will comment on the day-of posts. It was refreshing to see so many of my family and friends really encouraging each other to get out and vote. So many saying that it didn’t matter which party you wished to vote for as long as you just went out and  participated. So many people just excited and feeling patriotic, feeling blessed to be a part of our nation. I really hope that we can keep up those feelings, the ones that encourage togetherness and a sense of oneness as a country. I like those feelings and think they are going to result in better things to come for our country. ‘MURICA.

7. BED DAY! Tomorrow. Is. THE. Day!!!!!!! We are getting our super wonderful amazing king sized mattress and bed frame. No more elbows accidentally hitting faces and a mattress that will hopefully not leave our backs in knots. I plan on sleeping most of the weekend.

7.5 Today was a really good day. 

Done, and done. So they weren’t so quickish.


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