7 quick takes, take 1

Having done my fair share of reading around the blog world, I have come across a few blogs who like to do this weekly wrap up thing call “7 quick takes.” I like it. It sums up your week and I’m going to try and make it only POSITIVE takes from this week. So here we go… 

Lets just be completely honest and start this thing off right. I am so glad this week is OVER. We have successfully survived the STAAR test and we can now start the count down to summer (or for me, summer school). My kids (students, not babies) are all pretty worn out from the experience  as is their teacher (ME). 


Looking forward to my dear teaching partner’s WEDDING this weekend! We are close to her and her to-be-husband and I am so excited to be a part of their celebration and see her all dressed up in wedding-ness. Although, I am nervous because we are singing at her wedding and I always have this fear when I am asked to sing at a wedding that I am going to either A) forget the words or B) sing the wrong notes. Here’s to hoping it all goes well! She is getting married at the Stoneleigh. I’m pumped. (Photo cred here)


So today marks 99 days until I am getting married. WEIRD. Yesterday it was suggested that I make a paper chain for my handsomely bearded fiance, and then challenged that I needed to take pictures or it didn’t happen. Oh it happened. Big time. 


Spent our library time today looking at the Guinness Book of World Records with some of my students today. Most entertaining thing of.my.life.


Currently reading this book right now. I was introduced to this story when I stumbled upon this blog and saw that he was coming out with a book. It has been such a wonderful read so far and I am really looking forward to school slowing down and summer coming so I can finish it. Matt Logelin is such a wonderful, hilarious, real writer. Seriously, read his blog and book. So good. 


Can I just say how HAPPY I am that Saturday School is over? Thankful for bit of extra money but even more thankful for my Saturday mornings back. Yoga here I come.


Phone dump! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the week. Here’s to hoping for an even lovelier weekend! 

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