SEVEN | seven quick takes on catching up!

Talk about an unintended hiatus! It’s been a while since I have been able to sit down and actually think about blog-related things. We have been going full speed lately and with the holiday season quickly approaching, I don’t see us slowing down anytime soon. Which is great, but may also mean fewer, far between blog posts. So I thought I would join Jen + the gang and catch everyone up on some happenings over here and what exactly is keeping us so busy!

1. BABY | We hit the seven month mark this week and I’m not trying to sound cliche, but time needs to slow down! I popped by my old school today to say hi to some old coworker friends and it amazed me how much time has passed and how quickly life is moving. Madeline is officially mobile and we are having fun watching her explore the world (except when she tries to crawl under her crib…those explorations are not so fun). Besides crawling another first we have been greeted with this week is our first cold! Poor lady was up all night between a stuffy nose and a terrible cough. I’m really hoping this passes soon. It’s rough on everyone! But other than some sniffles we are really enjoying things right now. I just can’t believe 7 months have already gone by.

2. BOOKS | So I think I am officially cutting myself off from adding anymore reading material to my Kindle, ordering anything book related off Amazon, or checking anything out from the library. I have way too many books stacked on my bedside table and I need to start marking a few off of the “have read” list rather than add more to the “to read” list. Just a few I’m either currently reading or are intending to read in the near future. I’m hoping to review a couple of them on here because what I’ve read so far has been great:

  • Momnipotent – Reading for our moms bookclub at church and it has been fantastic for this season in life. Nice easy read with some really good reminders that I have been needing to hear.
  • The Nesting Place: It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful – Recommended to me by a friend from bookclub. We were talking about making your home inviting but also a comfortable place for others to be and this book is along the lines of that sentiment.
  • Girl Cook – library find that had an interesting description.
  • The Importance of being Kennedy – another recommendation and library find that I really need to read sooner rather than later because I’m tired of renewing it.


3. RUN | I was really excited about the prospect of doing this fun run with Amber and having a little blogger meet up but with the craziness that was this week and running around today with a sniffly/crying babe I never made it down to pick up my registration. ): Kind of bummed but because of all the grumping done by our little one today I’m not anticipating her to be 100% tomorrow so it may just be best we take it easy.

4. HUNT | We have officially started our house hunt. We have been researching/doing the online browsing thing for a while now but it’s time we start the process and get the ball rolling. I can honestly say I was seriously underestimating how much energy and humility this search would take. House hunting is no joke and it’s honestly one of the hardest/scariest things I’ve had to go through. I have high hopes that we will be able to find something in our budget within our location but I also know that it won’t be easy and will take  A LOT of patience on my part. Prayers are always and forever appreciated.


5, 6, 7. BLOGS | Some blogs that have caught my eye this week and I thought might interest others in their weekend reading…

  • Loving Katrina’s blog make-over in honor of her 2nd blogging birthday! She is such a doll and after reading each others blogs for a while we were able to finally meet at The Hundred event in August. Go check her out!
  • Juliet Gayle is here! One of my sweet friends and former coworkers welcomed her little doll of a girl into the world about a month ago and posted her GORGEOUS newborn photos.
  • A friend of mine sent this blog to me about a month ago, Catholic Cuisine. A blog that marries my faith + my love for food is pretty much perfect.
First shiner cheer of the season – after our first and loooong day of house hunting.

Cheers to the weekend!

2 thoughts on “SEVEN | seven quick takes on catching up!

  1. Thank you, lady! Too kind. I’m so glad we got to hang out; I really wish we could have hung out more. It was too short, no? Next time I’m in Dallas!

    How is she 7 months? Good luck with house hunting!

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