seven quick takes

Linking up with Jen & some other lovely ladies for some seven quick takes on this beautiful Friday afternoon (temps in the 70’s all weekend until Sunday when we are supposed to freeze and have ice pellets and the world will end – enjoying it while it lasts)!

1. While my sweet third grade cherubs have been getting along lately (what the what?) and I haven’t felt the need to intervene in any social/emotional ways, I think the next time I have to I am going to take after my teammate Heidi. She was struggling with some big bad word monsters in her class this week and really nipped it in the bud (I’ve always thought that phrase was kind of weird but it gets the job done) among her hoard of 8 year old teasers. Way to be awesome, Heidi!

2. While I feel that an entire post dedicated to the cravings of the tiny human in my womb might be a little excessive (or not, I mean you may really be dying to know and who am I to deprive you of such culinary inspiration? Future posts might happen…) it’s never too much for a take. Currently craving: Lemonade & marshmallows. To be even more specific: Diet Lemonade from Chick-fil-a and Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows. I am also lucky enough to work with some of the sweetest people and the teacher I am mentoring this year surprised me with a big bag of fluffy goodness this morning. Reallllly trying to not go through the ENTIRE bag today.


3. Happy Chinese New Year! Today we had a short mini lesson on the Chinese New Year traditions and then my kiddos wrote their name in Chinese and learned their Chinese zodiac sign – it was really awesome to see them so into another culture. I however do not appreciate the description of the dragon which is my sign… “big mouthed” gave all of my kids a pretty good laugh,..


4. In other teaching news, a coworker of mine posted this article about a super inspiring teacher. I stole the exercise she does with her class and did it today. I will say that the results were not a big surprise but it motivates me and opens my eyes to some of the cliques already starting with my class. While they may only be 8 years old, they are still so capable of some grown up and not so nice behaviors.

5. We have our first baby shower next weekend! It’s kind of crazy how fast things are sneaking up on me. We fly down to NOLA on Friday and besides the baby shower I think my only other concerns are devouring a pile of beignets and some Randazzo’s king cake.


6. Going to see Dallas Buyers Club tonight and really looking forward to a break from the massive amounts of school work I have been bringing home. Eric and I have been wanting to see it for a while and I want to soak up as much alone time (I always want to say one-on-one time a-la-the-Bachelor lingo) with him as possible before this little girl rocks our world.

7. Success of the week: finishing up our child rearing (I’m immature and the term rearing ALWAYS gets me) class this week and finally learning the appropriate baby burrito technique! It was the third and final portion of our child birth class and can I just say it is adorable how excited my husband is about this kid. I know that we both have our doubts and worries but his enthusiasm towards parenting makes me excited to go through this with him. He’s awesome.

Happy weekend people!

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