7 quick takes, take 3

Woke up late this morning and totally thought it was Saturday. Also, at various times this week I thought it was Tuesday (like on Monday…thought it was Tuesday, yesterday… thought it was Tuesday). Losing my brain much?


Happy teacher appreciation week to all my fellow teaching people out there! I received a lot of gifts from several students all week long and I’m not going to lie, it was awesome. I’m still in my new teacher state of mind where I feel really undeserving of all the gifts I receive from my kids and their parents. I really hope that that feeling never fades. 

Wedding news! Bridesmaids shoes and my wedding shoes have been found! Just in time too because apparently my dress is shipping either Friday or Monday. WEIRD RIGHT?! I had a lovely little shopping trip with my sister last night where we were lucky to find both shoes. I am super relieved to have that done and am hoping that everyone likes the choice we made. It honestly didn’t hit me until I came home that these are the shoes I’ll be wearing on my WEDDING DAY. 85 days, people. Eighty. Five. Days. Also, going to look at and hopefully pick out invitations this weekend!!!! Whoop!  


Saw this video about a week ago on another blog. STILL making me laugh. Mainly because I think about myself and how many times this has awkwardly happened to me. Especially in college. Even sometimes at work now with kids. I think a kid in the hallway will be talking to me and really they are talking to someone half my size hiding behind me. I have to admit, it’s more embarrassing when it involves kids. 😉 


This weekend, next week, and the week after are going to be full of moving! Two of my dearest friends are moving into our apartment complex this weekend and my sister is moving to one around the corner. Then I’m helping a handsome bearded guy move into OUR new apartment in a couple of weeks, where I will be joining him in August! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Getting nervous, excited, and happy for some change and new things to look forward to! 


New blog find! Really digging this girl and her inspirational words and posts. I especially liked one of her posts this week and plan on writing a short reflection about it on here. Check her out! 


So…Pinterest. Can we talk about this for a minute? I love Pinterest and all that it is about. It gives me ideas I honestly could not think of on my own and overloads me with wonderful amount of information. That’s just it though…SO MUCH ADORABLE CUTENESS ALL THE TIME. It gets to be a lot. I want to do cute pinterest-y things but I look at it and I think to myself, holy cow. I want to PIN ALL OF THE THINGS and DO all of the things! Also, I love it when I get on a fitness pinning kick and pin all of this fitness-y motivational stuff…whilst eating cookies and popcorn on my couch…

Phone dumpage! Woot woot. 
(1. teacher appreciation gift card day…$56 starbucks dollars WILL be put to good use 2. teacher appreciation BOOK day, loving new books in my library 3. cute note from a student 4. classy cinco picture with the prehusband 5. cinco de bulldog! 6. wedding presents!!! 7. footerfly! 8. stock the teacher’s lounge day…my fave part was the honey packets.) 
If you can figure out the way I listed the descriptions of those picture I will give you one of those honey packets as a prize!

Happy weekend! Want some nice musics? Click here
Also, go check out the 7 Quick Takes guest host’s blog here

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