true life: my weekend

It amazes me how fast the weekend flies by sometimes. This weekend was full of moving people around and settling into new places! Exciting times! 

Friday: helped move some of our friend Margie’s things into her new apartment. Three very dear friends just moved into my apartment complex and my sister is moving to one right around the corner. Our little area is going to be quite the place to be this summer! Lots of activity, friends, and fun. Looking forward to seeing what all this change brings. 🙂 

Saturday: busy morning, moving around in the afternoon, and an unexpectedly slow and wonderful evening. Had my first swimming lesson from a handsome bearded coach (more on this later) in the morning and soon after we went to go look at invitations for our wedding! I really liked the girl that we are going to work with. She’s young, fun, and owns her own small business. I’m all about giving back to smaller businesses that make things more personal and devote their time to the quality of a product rather than the quality of a product. Afterwards, me and the bearded fiance went to have brunch at a cute little cafe down the way from the invitation shop. Everyone needs a mimosa to psych themselves up for a day full of moving, right? Then the afternoon consisted of moving more things and helping people settle in. I have never had a moving endeavor go so FAST. But I guess when you have ELEVEN people helping you, it will do that. We got to see our apartment that we will be moving into after we get married which was another exciting bit to Saturday! 

Sunday: Mom’s Day! Started off by gifting my mother with flowers and a yummy candle along with brunch at her favorite restaurant. Then moved onto helping my sister with the first half of her moving. Same old Sunday church routine. Sang some awesome songs for Mass and then went home to grade and CLEAN. Holy cow. I need to get myself organized soooo badly. It helped so much to have some things put back into somewhat order. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures! I figured pictures of people sweating and moving boxes wouldn’t be too exciting. 😉 Here’s to hoping for a week full of productivity, love, fun, happiness, excitement, seeing friends, and joy! Weeeeeeeeeeee! 

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