embracing motherhood: the first two weeks

I honestly can’t believe that we have survived these first two weeks of parenthood! If I’m being completely honest there are times where I have felt time flying by and times (like the 3am feedings) where I feel like time is dragging on…and on…and on forever. While things aren’t always easy – I wouldn’t trade this time for anything. I am loving getting to know this little girl each and every day. I had no idea that I could be so overwhelmed with love and admiration for someone so incredibly tiny and new. I also had no idea that I could learn so much about someone and myself every day. New parenting mush aside I thought I would write down the top 5 things on my mind about these two weeks because formulating and entirely well written blog post will have to wait for another day when my brain is functioning on more sleep.

1. Speaking of sleep, I am amazed at how much I have been able to do on so little sleep. I have always been a lover of sleep and the more I can get the happier my disposition tends to be. Well that just won’t be the case these first couple of months because we have a hungry, growing girl on our hands! God really helps out new mamas in the sleep deprivation department because I honestly don’t know how I make it some days!

2. Waking up at 8am and then looking at the clock to see that it’s…noon???! I feel like this has been consistently happening lately. Mornings just don’t exist right now and it boggles my mind.

3. Thankful for my husband’s job/company that let him take two weeks off for paternity leave. I really, REALLY don’t know how I could have survived these first two weeks without him. Today was our first full day with him back at work and I think we BOTH missed him a lot – looking forward to him walking through the door this evening!

4. I miss my coworkers. I have caught myself thinking about work off and on at times. I really miss my friends and coworkers and this time with my students. I still catch myself looking at the clock and thinking about what time it is and what everyone must be doing. I miss the busy-ness that school brings but I am also starting to appreciate this new season of busy-ness too.

5. I’m a mom. I have a daughter. We are PARENTS. Still blows my mind!

First Easter as a family of three!

Happy Monday!

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