40 week bumpdate + life lately

I realized that I never finished out our bumpdates with this little one. Don’t worry, we made sure to take a picture once we came home from the hospital. That being said, pardon the no make-up, yoga pants and tired face!



40 weeks and no longer full of baby – on the inside at least. I will post about our birth story and experience meeting our littlest one soon enough but for now we are enjoying this time getting to know her and learning about ourselves as new parents. Last week was filled with all sorts of firsts as I’m sure the weeks to come will be too. I’m so thankful that Eric has these first two weeks off of work. If anything has kept me sane it has been his presence and constant support. I really lucked out in the husband department.

I would have to say that our biggest adventures this week were doctors appointments and venturing out of the house without le bebe (and successfully not texting the grandparents that were taking care of her every. five. minutes). We also decided on Saturday that we would take the plunge and go out for lunch. It was our first outing with just the three of us and we went and got sushi (FINALLY). It was fantastic and Miss Madeline slept the entire time. Because of this successful trip we decided Mass the next day would probably be an ok experience as well and so we took our little family to Palm Sunday Mass. After Easter we will most likely go back to our normal grind of singing/playing at the Lifeteen Mass but for now enjoying mass as a family was pretty great. It has been a while since I have just gone to mass and while I can honestly say my attention was pretty 50/50 the entire time – I still felt myself get more out of it than I have in a while.

Now on to another week of firsts and constant learning. It’s been tiring lately and sleep is coming in small doses but I know that these days are fleeting and I want to enjoy them and remember them as much as possible because I know they won’t be like this again.

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