seven quick takes

FRIDAY! Three day weekend! Halle-freaking-lujah! Aside from this week being exhausting in every sense of the word, it flew by which I always consider a good thing but boy am I ready to get to the weekend.

This is pretty much the constant state my desk was in this week:

messydeskSo, usually when I type out my quick takes I just type a short little snippet by each number and then throughout the day I’ll add to the list as I have time. After typing out my list this morning I realized that the majority of my takes are super baby related – obviously where my brain is at these days. (;

1. Baby, baby, baby…SHOWERS! Holy cow do we have generous people in our lives. We have four baby showers on the horizon and it absolutely blows my mind how wonderful people are and how much they care about our family. Considering we are starting out with absolutely nothing in the baby department (I think that’s pretty normal for first timers right?) it is definitely easing my nerves knowing that we are about to be showered with more baby stuff than we could possibly imagine. I received the invite to our first shower which will be in NOLA in February and my super talented MIL designed these adorable invites!


2. Birthing, CPR, First Aid… we definitely had our fill of baby related classes this week. On Wednesday we had our birthing class and we were lucky enough to be the only couple there! The nurse leading our class is the absolute sweetest and makes all of this new and sometimes scary stuff seem not SO terrifying. Even though we were just in the labor and delivery unit last Friday after my little rendezvous with the floor, we still had our tour and got to check out our digs for our birthing stay. I would have to say that being completely traumatized from watching videos about every little thing your kid can eat, choke, and die on… our CPR class was all worth it to see my husband hold the baby mannequin like this the whole night. 


3. Earlier this week I posted about Psalm 139:14 and my sweet friend Heidi wrote a post about a very similar topic. Especially applicable for those working in youth ministry or married to someone who is called to a vocation in ministry.

4. Funniest teaching moment of the week: I have been waiting for the fateful day when one of my students were to ask me how this baby was either made or how it is going to come out of my body. Well, today was the day. One of my kiddos asked me, “Mrs. Martin… if your baby is inside of you. How is it going to get out?” Thankfully my class was about to head on in to P.E. so it was by the grace of God’s sweet, sweet timing that I was able to say…”You should ask your mom about that and have fun playing in P.E. BYE!” Whew.

5. So… nursery? I have to admit that aside from random fits of deep cleaning around our apartment I haven’t really been in a nesting mood. But lately, all I can think about is nursery stuff and space. We are getting closer and closer to buying a house but we know that we are going to be here for the first few months of this little lady’s life and I’m trying to figure out in my head just where everything is going to go. I’ve been trying to keep most of this to myself but more than a few times this week I have caught myself thinking about nurseries and cribs and bouncers and STUFF. I know we are going to make it work it just tends to knot up my brain at times.

6. I have felt a wee bit guilty this week being so busy every night. Someone is turning into the neediest puppy in the WORLD. Yesterday we had time to play “fetch” with the frisbee for a little while (aka: I throw, she catches and runs away, I chase after her, she runs away, repeat, repeat, SQUIRREL, drop.) and I swear you would have thought this was the first time in the history of her short life that anyone human has ever paid attention to her. Poor girl.


7. Yummy recipe find of the week! I made these little oatmeal bites (ok they are really called oatmeal balls but… I’m immature and bites sounds better, yes?) I’m thinking they are going to become a part of our normal rotation. They were great for mornings and I would eat a few with my smoothie.


Recipe: Oatmeal Bites

1 c. rolled oats

1 c. nuts/shredded coconut (I’m not  a huge fan so I opted for pecans)

1/2 c. carob chips

1/2c. peanut butter

1/2 c. flax seed

1/3 c. honey/agave

1 tsp vanilla


1. Mix all ingredients together (either with a spoon or the paddle attachment on your stand mixer – I used the latter)

2. Chill for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

3. Take out scoop and make into little balls.

4. Enjoy!

Happy weekending!

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