Bumpdate: 28 weeks

While I haven’t been posting regular bumpdates,  we have still been documenting this whole crazy my-belly-is-becoming-a-basketball-thing. I realized today that the last time I posted an update on the little lady that I still looked like I ate a big sandwich…which is definitely not the case anymore.

IMG_0217 Pardon the tired eyes and crazy bangs I have going on. Not really sure why my hair is doing that but we’ll go with it. These past few weeks have been full of the fair share of excitement. As mentioned previously, I was in a car accident the day before winter break started and this week… I fell at school after tripping over a student. Everything is a-ok between my little amiga and me but it this tumble did lend itself to a good four hour freak-out, tears, and an overnight stay at the hospital (just getting in practice for April, right?). I will say that falling flat on my face while pregnant is quite possibly one of the most terrifying things to ever happen to me and I can’t even to begin to describe how thankful I am that our little girl is ok. Hearing her heartbeat at the hospital was by far the most relieving moment I have ever felt.

After talking to my doctor I’m pretty sure I might need to be bubble wrapped for the duration of this pregnancy. I don’t see myself getting anymore graceful!

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