Positively Perfect in Every way


Today my dreamy winter break ended by jumping back into school with a teacher work day. I was nervous to come back this semester because last semester ended on a somewhat sour note. I left last semester thinking that I had never felt so beat down, so overworked, so unappreciated… it was disheartening to say the absolute least. Not to mention – I topped off with another car accident and short 8 hour stint in the hospital…on my birthday. 

Then this morning came. My cell phone buzzing, beeping, and screaming at me to wake up (three alarms over – sorry husband!;). Already anxious about heading back into work I decided to be excited. This is a new semester. I know I have my work cut out for me. I have a fantastic group of students that yes, are challenging and pushing me in ways I have never been pushed before, but they make the work worth it. I know that not everyone is going to have this mindset and that it is going to be hard to stay positive when others are not, but maybe if I take this outlook I can help someone else change their views about our school environnment as well. I’m tired of being upset and burned out – I want to love my job and school and I think right now I  just need to make the choice to do so no matter the environment or feedback that comes my way.

This is not to say that today was not filled with it’s own frustrations – a rental car that kept dying, on and off the phone all day, and misplacing pretty much everything I own… I am definitely facing some daily challenges! But there were positives – productive meetings, a clean classroom, and a sweet email from the mother of a student that was much needed to start this semester off right.

I’m letting this post serve as a reminder: I have to make this choice every minute of every day to be positive and happy. Joy is something that I need to decide on, especially when frustrating moments and busy days abound.


Hooray for the spring semester – tomorrow!

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