slowing down

Today was what I would consider my first official day of my summer vacation. It wasn’t the weekend, all of my friends are once again preoccupied with their jobs and so I was left to determine my own routine for the day. I am always scared when vacations come around. I love the break. I love that being a teacher I will always have predetermined vacation times to look forward to, but I am always scared of not appreciating my time.

I love being busy.

I love moving constantly, having my days to filled so the brim that I can barely fit in a full nights sleep. I love being a little bit tired because it’s telling me that I am living full, hard days. I love being around people constantly, hence my career path. But unlike other first days of vacation…today was different. I had a lot of time alone and I was ok with that. I am feeling recharged and more motivated to get things done. I’m trying to be thankful for every moment of this month no matter how slow. I realize that I will still be somewhat busy with the last of our wedding to-do list to accomplish but overall I know the slow times will come and I know at least a little part of me might be frustrated with those times. So maybe this post will serve as a reminder to savor each and every slow moment that July gives me.

The above picture was something I found while wandering through Target today. Apparently it’s my personality according to my birthday. There are a couple of things that are true but overall I found it really amusing. Especially the, “…punctual in your appointments and fastidious in your dress…” Considering the older I have gotten, the later I have shown up to things. Try as I might to be on time. Also, I plan on living in gym clothes during the month of July. šŸ˜‰

Happy Monday!

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