Hello July.


Oh July… how I have been waiting for you. How I have been thinking about you. How I have been hoping, praying, willing the days to go by faster so I could just make it to July. Finally, I get a break. Summer school wrapped up on Friday. Cleaned up my borrowed classroom, packed up all of my things, and headed out the door to say hello to my summer vacation!

5 things I am hoping for this month:
-to not lose my mind (I actually wrote this in my planner and saw it the other day. Not sure when I wrote it but obviously I had already thought about how crazy this month is going to be.)
-appreciate the slow, not-busy moments
-go through, clean, pack-up my apartment and move it all into the new one (this isn’t really a hope as much as it is a this-must-happen-or-I-won’t-have-anything-in-our-new-apartment.)
-spend time with friends and savor conversations
-to have our apartment somewhat put together before we head down to NOLA for our wedding and St. Martin for the honeymoon!

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