L is for love song link up!

One of my favorite blogs is doing a love song link-up today and my summer slow self has decided to join in the fun. ya dig?

1) The Civil Wars – “I’ve got this friend”

I am pretty much in love with them and their harmonies. This is on the list of songs for me and the beardyman to learn. I want to be them.

2) Bright Eyes – “First day of my life”

We recently sang this at my teaching partner’s wedding in April. So it’s on the brain as a good love song.

3) Andrew Peterson – “Dancing in the minefields”

This one gets me excited for married times. 🙂

4) Ben Harper – “Forever”

This is the song I was sung the night I got engaged. 😉

5) Dashboard Confessional – “Stolen”

So it seems my music selections are not the most traditional songs. But they are songs I love about love and maybe someone will like them as well. We still have yet to decide on our song that we are going to dance to at our wedding (in 32 days. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so listening to everyone’s favorite lurve songs has been nice inspiration!

2 thoughts on “L is for love song link up!

  1. Hahahahaha! I considered adding a Dashboard song, too. "She Always Wears Blue". But it got bumped for the Peterson song. Nice choices!

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