001 | inventory

So I’ve decided to be a bit of a copy cat here. Bridget has been taking stock of little happenings in her life for a good bit now and then the other day I saw Katrina posted something similar. I really like how this is a quick and easy way to inventory what is being appreciated at the time. So…here goes! Hopefully the first of many life-inventory posts to come.
taken last night at our friend’s little engagement shindig
Making: a few crafts to decorate our home for fall + a little something for my nephew for Christmas. I have so many crafts on my docket right now and I want to do them all. I really need to get better about prioritizing and list making.
Drinking: way too much coffee, not enough water, really good beer that my husband picks out and a cuppa tea before I go to bed.

Reading: lots! and loving it! personal reading: MWF seeking BFF & Carry On Warrior and for a bookclub: Momnipotent
Wanting: sleep. my sweet cherup was up every 1.5-2 hours last night. we have been pulling some realllllly amazing 10-12 hour stretches and then the teeth started a-comin’… hopefully tonight will be a different story and we can go back to normal. I’m also wanting to figure out what my little family is going to wear for our annual photos with Kate on Sunday!
Listening: to Childish Gambino’s new music by way of my husband who has far better music taste than I do. any and all cool music I ever post is probably from him. also to my new favorite podcast – the girls next door!
Eating: oatmeal in the mornings, larabars (my favorite!), slow cooker lettuce wraps for dinner tonight, and trader joe’s salted caramel gelato for a sweet treat.
Smelling: the chicken for lettuce wraps cooking in the slow cooker and really wishing it were dinner time right now… I got these two scents from bath and body works last week to try out because I ran out of my favorite perfume last week and always have a hard time justifying it’s expense. Also, I got one of Bath and Body Works car air fresheners and have been smelling Leaves the past week. by far my favorite BBW scent!
Enjoying: the fact that my best friend from college + former roomie is ENGAGED. I’ve been keeping this secret for two months and I’m so happy it finally happened! she is seriously one of the best people I know and my heart is bursting for her.
Loving: that the holiday season is about to begin. from what I have always heard, holidays change when you have kids and I can already tell that I am way more excited. while I still have yet to decide on Madeline’s Halloween costume it makes me giddy to think that she is experiencing all of this for the very first time and that we get to experience it all for the very first time with her! I know, not a very novel concept but it’s the new parent in me.
Hoping: for lots of good in the coming months. we are making some big changes around here and I am feeling anxious and unsettled and really hope everything transitions smoothly and do what is best for our little family.
Feeling: consistently happy + joyful lately. which wasn’t the case for a few weeks so these are very, very welcomed feelings.
Wearing: the t-shirt I wore to work today and athletic shorts. I know, I know…I really should try my hand at fashion blogging. I’ll get on it soon, promise.
Noticing: how much stuff we have accumulated over the past few years and reeeeeeally wanting to purge a bit.
Bookmarking: good fall recipes and cozy clothes for cooler temperatures.

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