SEVEN | seven quick takes on blogs, babies, booze, & beautiful weather

Happy Friday! This week has been drastically different than last week. Thank goodness. I feel like my mood, my child’s mood, everyone’s mood has just been significantly better and on the happier side than last week. Because of this change in temperament at the Cafe du Martin I’ve been able to crank out TWO blog posts. It’s pretty crazy.

1-4. BLOGS | There have been so many great blog posts I’ve read this week. A lot of inspiration and good floating around the interwebs that I’ve really been connecting with as of late. So if you’re in the mood for some good reads this weekend I would check out these lovely ladies:

  • My beautiful friend and former coworker, Heidi, wrote about some of the life lessons she is teaching her students. I have always admired her drive to really reinforce life skills within her students and always tried to do the same in the classroom.
  • Kate wrote about motherhood + her vocation in this post and it really hit home with how I have been feeling these past few weeks. It’s hard being a mom, but it’s even harder when you are feeling left out and like other bigger + better things are going on around you. She definitely left me with some new found energy and focus after reading her post. It’s always nice to know that we aren’t alone in the struggle.
  • I just recently found Erica’s blog, LADDventure by way of one of my favorite podcasts. She is posting a new soup recipe every week in October and I am super pumped to try out her black bean vegan soup next week.
  • I met Sarah at The Hundred Event and have been loving keeping up with her via her super cute blog, Tucker Up. She is currently doing a Whole30 Challenge which is something I have been thinking about doing and I am loving her determination to power through and honesty about some of the recipes she has been trying.

5. BABY | My baby has been wonderful this week. I really think that I could let this take lie with that sentiment because I’m pretty sure anyone with a baby can understand how blissful it is when your baby is sleeping well, eating well, and in a GOOD MOOD. The past couple of weeks we were struggling in the sleep department. Combine that with shots, general fussiness, teeth cutting and you can probably see why blogging has been kind of infrequent lately.

6. BOOZE | Per the suggestion of a sweet friend I picked up some of Trader Joe’s Pear Cinnamon Cider and their Sparkling Apple Cider to make a new yummy cocktail for next week. It is seriously delicious and I’m really excited to share. Here’s a little preview of it for now:


7. BEAUTIFUL WEATHER | The weather this week has been GORGEOUS. While I’m pretty sure it’s nearing the mid 90’s outside, the mornings have been glorious. They have had that fall crispness to them that is life giving. I have felt so refreshed and so happy to get outdoors and do some things. Consistently beautiful weather in Texas has to be celebrated because who knows what tomorrow is going to look like? Hail? Tornadoes? Crazy cold front? I’ve lived here my entire life and unfortunately know that all of these things are completely possible.


Linking up with Jen + the gang over at Conversion Diary. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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