Bumpdate: 16 weeks

I have yet to really delve into the depths of pregnancy details because not much has happened. Aside from the exciting discovery that we were having a little babe (which is a post all on its own) nothing has really rocked the boat as far as how I feel or look. This past week I started to feel a little bit more bumpy in the tummy area and today I really felt like I looked pregnant. However, the above picture may or may not be an accurate depiction of bump-age because it was taken after a full day spent at the Texas State Fair. So not only is that my baby in the bump but a food baby comprised of almost everything fried that the fair had to offer. Things really have been pretty easy thus far in the baby journey and I’m praying that they continue this way. My first trimester rendered minimal nausea and no morning sickness for which I am the most thankful. Really, the biggest change has been my endurance during the day and how easily I get tired (falling asleep at work, when your work involves 20 eight year olds, is usually frowned upon).

The biggest excitement: I’m pretty sure I felt a few movements today at the fair (somebody thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate pie shake I was having). Little jumps like muscle spasms or twitches which was pretty weird but also pretty incredible.

On to another week of growing a human!

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