seven quick takes

Joining Jen and some other lovely ladies for a quick Friday recap of our week. My goal next week is to actually post this on Friday. 😉

1. New name! – So I have been “blogging” (I say that because I am still a member of the consistently inconsistent bloggers club) for a little over a year now and up until this past Sunday the title of my blog was still the place holder of “in progress.”  A part of me appreciated these transition words because I felt that the lent themselves to where I feel I always am in life – a state of progress – but I have been wanting something a big more permanent. I was inspired by the following picture that was taken at our engagement shoot two years ago at one of my favorite places in the world Cafe du Monde.

Sorry I’m not sorry I may have just caused you to drool.

2. Bumpdates! – I have taken a 12 week photo and a 13 week photo the past two weeks and have meant to post them on Sunday but they have slipped through the cracks of a packed schedule. I am planning on making up for lost time this week but honestly… no one is missing much. I have a slight bump after I eat dinner most nights but really have little to show for my pregnant self at the moment. I just inherited some maternity clothes from the wonderful, Heidi (my waistline thanks you!) and placed my first order for maternity pants from Loft and I’m ready to make good use of them all!

3. Reading list: Currently on the lookout for a new book to read. Preferably one that does not involve caterpillars and talking cats and dogs. It’s hard reading during the school year but I was able to accomplish a goal of reading at least ONE grown up book this summer, I think I might be able to do the same during the year…maybe.

4. School: It was a tough week this week. It has honestly been a tough couple of weeks but we are making it through. Just really challenged with this group of kiddos this year due to some extremely varying learning styles but they are pushing me to provide for them and meet their needs. It is just going to take some extra preparation on my part and sacrificing some time on the weekends. Teaching is also a job that unfortunately lends itself to self comparison and I’ve caught myself doing that this past week more times than I would like to admit. Time to rest assured that I am doing everything I can do and that I am a good teacher… that is just one of those things that is easier said than done.

5. Things on my heart:  We are heading down to NOLA for Thanksgiving again this year and I’m ready to be with the other half of my family. We vacationed with my in laws at the beginning of the summer and spent a good chunk of time with them down there and in Florida but it’s time to head back. I love it down there and I’m definitely missing some special people (and beignets, let’s be honest).

6. Date night: We went to go see Gravity last night and HOLY. MOTHER. COW. GEEZ. That was probably THE most stressful movie I have ever seen in my entire life – but also the most amazing. Sandra Bullock, that lady, I completely underestimated her acting abilities. If you haven’t seen it I won’t elaborate but as a person who is extremely freaked out by space travel I thought it was an amazing movie and I got over my fears pretty quickly. It’s great.

7. And here are more engagement pictures… because after pulling up the beignet picture I just had to look through all of them, naturally. All photo cred goes to our amazing photographer and friend, Jessica Renee Photography.

Happy weekend!

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