why I teach: the first few weeks of school

Yesterday marked the end of our second week of the new school year. How two weeks can feel like two months, I will never know. The beginning of the year is always filled to the brim and I always feel like I can’t handle the constant movement – but I can, because I love it.

I was taking some time this morning to catch up on my blog reading and came across this post. That had a link to the following documentary series premier:

There have been moments these past two weeks where I have felt more tired, more challenged, and more drained than I did my first year teaching. I know that this is a common feeling in our school right now and my grade level isn’t dealing with half of the curriculum changes other grades are having to deal with. With everything that piles on my plate in August every year, I have never worked in an environment that keeps me more motivated or self reflecting. I am always learning something new about myself and being pushed to be more patient, kind, and caring. This year is going to be the best one yet, I can feel it. My kids are wonderful, my team is awesome, and I am ready to accept any and all new learning challenges that will make me a better teacher and person for these little people I get to work with every day.

Some snapshots from these past two weeks or so:

 our happy learning space
 fresh year, fresh new pillows for our reading corner
sweet little first day of school present
Now I’m off to clean, grade, and enjoy this beautiful Saturday!

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