summer goals

As I set out on this summer this past June I had a list of all the tasks I was unable to do/enjoy/participate fully in during the school year. I was going to have 2.5 months away from work with an abundance of time (thanks to a wonderful husband who told me to take a break and not teach summer school. He’s going to heaven.) – I could accomplish anything! Travels! Organization! Things! Right?

One of those goals was to read more. Inspired by my friend Caitlin’s post on her summer book obsession, I realized that while I may not have read in abundance – I can officially say that I did read one entire book, purely for the pleasure and wonder of reading, for. my. self.

 I read the historically fiction-based novel Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Ann Fowler by way of this lovely blog’s recommendation. It was a fabulous read for the summer and gave me a little insight into a time and lives that I haven’t really explored yet. It was nice to take time (almost) each day to sit down and take a break from the other tasks I was trying to accomplish. Something I need to do during the school year to keep me sane and energized.

One summer goal, knocked off the list!

This book highly recommended (especially if you are an F. Scott Fitgerald fan or thoroughly enjoyed the recent Gastby remake that came out earlier this year):

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