inspiration from others: on blogging

So I took a little break.

After some comments and conversations I just needed time to clear my head. This time of year school is beyond overwhelming and this space was a creative communication outlet for me. Something that helped ease the stress and give me a new hobby to enjoy. I had been feeling kind of apathetic towards the blog though. What was the point? Who reads this? Who wants to hear my thoughts? Am I really being creative? All I could think was no one. Nobody. Nothing. So I took it all offline for a few weeks. Unplugged.

I really questioned why I was blogging. What was my purpose and what makes it so appealing. Then I came across this post on Aspiring Kennedy. This is a new blog I’ve come across in the past few weeks and her bright and cheery attitude was just what I needed to read.

Blogging is becoming more of a common hobby. It’s something that brings people in an online community. It’s something that fosters creativity for many whether it be through writing, photography, crafting, or raising a family. I’ve wanted to break into the world of blogging for a while. It’s something that has been on my mind since college and I just never really committed the time or effort to such a project. I still don’t think I’ve found my blogging niche but I don’t see any other way of finding it then continuing to write and find my own style. It’s a growing process and growing isn’t always the easiest, but the end result is a beautiful thing.

So here I am. Trying this blogging thing, where it will lead I have no idea but I’m ready to get creating and searching for others who are doing the same.

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “inspiration from others: on blogging

  1. I read this. I like hearing your thoughts. I don't really know that it's important if it's creative (does it need to be?), but it is, in it's own way. And it's definitely unique – it's you. Not that I'm the hugest thing on blogging – my own blog, if you look, is all over the place, largely uninterestin, and unread :). But blogging isn't so much my thing, at the very least right now. Is it your thing? I don't know. But if you like it, I like reading it. It helps me feel like I'm a little closer to what's going on with you during those too-long periods where we can't actually talk.And I'm a big believer in writing. You know I am more into letters (well, other stuff too, but sometimes, it's not even so much for the person I'm writing the letter to as it is for me. And I have hundreds of pages of un-sent things sitting in my room, but it was good for me to be able to get them out and down on paper. So writing is good. And if you like doing that in blog form, and putting it out there, well… who does that hurt? At worst, it's neutral.Anyway, go you!

  2. I've recently really started trying to find my place in the blogging community. Before, I just blogged to put my thoughts to paper, but now I'm making new friends and realizing just how awesome this community is. Good luck on your blog adventure! 🙂

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