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I may or may not be typing thing post one handed with a toddler on my lap. It’s been an errand-filled, rainy, cleaning type day. We are getting ready for my in-laws to come in town for my brother-in-laws graduation and we are pretty darn excited! Here are some links + clicks that I’ve gathered over the past few weeks and that I have been drawing inspiration from lately. Enjoy + Happy Wednesday!

CHEERS | I loved Joanna’s post about making a great cocktail on a plane. I’m thinking these tips + tricks might come in handy come June when Eric and I venture down to Mexico for a little vacation + my sister’s WEDDING! (:

NFP | Katrina hit another one out of the park this week with her post on NFP and her family. It really hit home with me and how NFP has worked for us in our marriage. It is a topic that I wish I had more confidence talking about because while NFP has been a big blessing in our marriage, it is tough and can be frustrating to practice but it is also tough + somewhat frustrating to discuss with others at times. I so appreciated her honesty and candidness on the subject. She’s just great.

HATCH | I’m just fangirling over here… but have you seen Katrina’s new etsy shop, Hatch Prints? If not, you NEED to check it out. I’m still debating on what print to order for our home!

RECIPE | I’ll definitely be adding Kelsey’s lentil soup recipe to my ‘recipes to try’ list. It seems so solid + delicious and would make lunches around here a bit more fulfilling (lately my lunches have consisted of Naked Smoothies + handfuls of Goldfish crackers…).

DIY | I have YET to bust out my sewing machine post-moving and I think that Ana’s super simple summer skirt (

SWIM | Janie & Jack is one of my favorite kids shops and I usually make an effort to pop in whenever we are at a mall with one. Lately they have been killing it with their ADORABLE swim suits. While we aren’t taking Miss M with us on our adventure down to Mexico (thank you in-laws!!) I would love seeing her sweet bum toddling along the beach in either this or this.

One thought on “links + clicks, clicks + links

  1. Hey lady! You are a sweetie. NFP is tough. So tough. Hope you can find someone to talk about it openly, but if not, you know I’m here!

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