FAMILY | weekend update: easy like a plan-free weekend

We didn’t have ANY plans this weekend! And guess what!? IT. WAS. GLORIOUS. The month of may brings with is weddings upon weddings, my brother-in-laws graduation, bridal showers & bachelorette parties…among our regularly scheduled family happenings. So needless today, we relished in this weekend and all it’s unplanned glory. I even took a nap on Sunday. That my friends is spontaneity at it’s finest.

Friday evening we ventured over to our new next door neighbors backyard and grilled + chatted + got to know our new friends! When we moved into our new house we were really nervous about neighbors and the neighborhood. We were really hoping to find a place for our young family to grow while meeting other young families and long-time residents alike. A few weeks ago we saw the “For Sale” sign vanish from the house next door and a new young family move in. The best part? I already knew the mom moving in because we see each other every morning at our mommy + baby bootcamp! Such a small, awesome world. We are so excited to have some friends next door to laugh and play with. Cheers to many more Friday night family grilling dates!

IMG_2638 (1)
The Blue Gin Fizz I sipped on while we enjoyed our dinner Friday night – go to my Instagram feed to see the recipe!

Saturday we ran some errands and planned an at-home date night. I was supposed to meet up with the lovely Amanda, but alas our mommy + beer date will have to be planned for another day because she came down with a bug – but honestly it worked out better for the day and we were able to spend some much needed family time together. Something Eric and I have been enjoying when we have a day like Saturday is making a trip to Central Market and planning a fancier dinner date after Madeline goes to bed. Doing this always takes me back to when we first started dating and cooking at home + movie nights were a staple date of ours. With the weather being so flipping wonderful we decided to grill up some beautiful rib-eye steak, portobello mushrooms, and artichokes. While we waited for the food to finish cooking we sipped on Mint Juleps in honor of the Kentucky Derby that was Saturday (even though neither of us are from Kentucky and I don’t think either of us have ever watched it…). It was a seriously A+ dinner and the best part was me not having to make much of it. 😉


Sunday was the normal grind of leftover weekend errands, band practice and mass in the afternoon. As I mentioned previously, I even snuck in a nap while M slept in the morning and it was the most unexpected + amazing thing in the world. Sundays! You’re the best!

I hope you’re Monday is kicking off your week to a fantastic start!

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