FAMILY | weekend update: ice, ice baby

I know, I know you can go ahead and crown me most creative blog-post-titler in the world. I don’t think it will come as any surprise that we were snowed/iced in this weekend and a couple of other days last week because of all of the wonderful wintery pictures that have been floating around social media. When Texas gets snow, we like to make it known to the world that we are shutting. it. down. until things melt away. While I will say, I think some Texans can be a little dramatic in their response to a few pieces of fluff falling from the sky – I myself with not have anything to do with ice and pretty much will camp out until I can see the actual road again. Here are a few snaps from our little snowed in weekend.

IMG_1453 IMG_1459

Kaylee’s thoughts on the snow – our little four legged princess.


I was subbing on Friday and was lucky enough to be working in a classroom that had a wall full of windows so me and the kiddos were able to watch the grass outside go from slightly frosty in the morning to completely covered up in the afternoon. I guess I was so distracted by the magic of it all that I didn’t realize driving conditions were worsening until my husband texted me to head home asap. So head home we did – me and my very tired kidlet who is now suffering from her FOURTH ear infection. ): I think a snow day(s) is exactly what we needed to slow down and get this little girl well. Back tracking a bit: we went to the doctor on Thursday because she was showing signs of an ear infection but I was hoping we would leave the pediatricians office with happier news. I feel so bad for this little girl and I’m not entirely sure what I can do to prevent these ear infections. For now she seems to be on the up and up with this new antibiotic and has been resting as much as a 10 month old will rest.

Once things started to thaw on Saturday we unpacked a few more boxes and geared up for a busy afternoon/evening. I went off for a couple of hours with two other mamas from our church’s mom’s group to a little place called Sip-N-Doodle. Where we snacked, chatted, and painted some lovely pieces of art for our homes. Mine is in the middle and will be going in little Miss M’s room. (:


After that, Eric and I went out to a surprise party for a dear friend who will be in Italy for the next four months traveling + baking! We are so excited for her and had a blast with everyone. It was one of those nights that left us both smiling as we walked out the door. We were able to catch up with some people that we hadn’t seen in a while and chit chat with a few new faces. All in all, a great weekend and here’s to hoping for better weather this week ahead! I’m ready to get out and do some things with my little side kick!

Happy Monday + more importantly, happy Texas independence day!


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