Oh, hi there!

Well well well…look who’s back? The biggest slacker in all of blog land! I realized the other day just how long this hiatus had become but I promise there are solid excuses backing my absence from the internet. IMG_1056

As I had previously mentioned, for the past few months we have been on the hunt for a new house and lo and behold – we got one! After a seriously crazy process and two very long months, we closed and are now officially home owners. We have already made too many Home Depot trips to count and spent this past weekend taping, painting, and touching up a few rooms. We have a bit left on our lease before we have to be out of our current abode so we are taking this time to make any changes that are easier sans furniture (and baby when we have generous, wonderful people wiling to babysit:). IMG_1058

With all of these changes have come some seriously sparse meal plans and recipes, as well as any thoughts other than nesting into our cozy new place. But, I am hoping to sneak out for a bit this weekend to recharge and refocus on some blog related things. But for now, just wanted to pop in with a ‘hello’ and a wave to let you all know that we are doing so well over in our neck of the woods, and I’m hoping to be back soon. (: IMG_1057

Happy Tuesday.

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