I can officially say we have started to settle into this new phase of life and I can slowly but surely detect some semblance of routines and schedules approaching on the horizon. Just the fact that this baby girl is sleeping through the night more regularly makes me feel more human and alive. I really think mom’s forget the newborn phase due to lack of sleep and brain function. I really can’t remember much of those first two weeks with her home – and that’s probably for the best if we ever want to have another!

So because of the newborn induced blogging hiatus I feel like some sort of all encompassing life update post is needed.

-mother’s day, father’s day and birthdays have been life consuming these past couple of months

-as of Friday we have a 10 week old. that whole time-moving-way-too-fast for my liking but also really enjoying this new phase of baby life.

-weddings on weddings on weddings. between the birthday/holiday celebrations we have been and are going to be involved in a ton of weddings this summer! it’s only a little bit ridiculous but also a lot a bit exciting for so many wonderful people in our lives.

-speaking of weddings, we survived our first road trip with a babe. we ventured down to NOLA for a friend’s wedding and had a fabulous time.

-we are officially crunchy/granola people and have hopped on the cloth diapering band wagon (and it’s not so bad)

-I chopped my hair because mom things.

-we finally came to a decision about teaching next year and I will not be going back to my beloved school for now.

Some of these little life updates deserve full posts of their own (especially the last one) but for now this will have to do.


Happy Monday!

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