bumpdate: 37 weeks


If I am being completely honest, this photo is from last weekend so technically its a 36 week bump. However, I have already changed into my comfy pants for the evening and I’d rather my husband NOT document my leggings-and-oversized-t-shirt bump at the moment. Not nearly as cute.

This past week was spring break (continuing on tomorrow because my school district is being the nicest) and was used to the fullest to interview pediatricians, continue daycare tours, and prep for the little lady. Nursery things are pretty much established, gifts are placed, laundry done-ish, and our hospital bag is FINALLY packed. I have definitely been feeling the need to waddle more at the end of the day and that she is sitting lower that usual. I experienced a few fairly strong contractions this week and a pretty tight belly. All was well at my appointment last week and we are hoping for another good report tomorrow! It’s just crazy that we are down to weekly appointments now and that things are getting so real. I can’t believe this pregnancy is almost over. It really has flown by in a lot of ways. We are so ready to meet this little one – but also super anxious and nervous. Any and all thoughts and prayers greatly appreciated!

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