prayers & praises

Prayers & praises is a little activity that I started doing with our high school bible study girls last year when I switched from our Sunday night youth group nights to the smaller bible study setting on Tuesday nights. It was actually something that I picked up from my friend, Heidi, after attending her high school bible study group last year. I wanted to see the flow of her conversations with her girls and pick up any tips and tricks I could.

Every week we have been doing prayers and praises in our little group of girls and I can honestly say that it is one of the things I really look forward to in the week.

I took off a month and half of bible study to make time for our birthing, breastfeeding, and baby safety classes (I kind of feel like we have college degrees in baby right now) so I wasn’t able to participate in  prayers and praises. I went to bible study for the first time in a while last week and it made my heart so  happy to hear the girls keeping up this little tradition and to hear their sweet prayer requests (even if it does take forever and a day to get through EVERYONE sometimes;).

Linking up with Hallie to share 5 prayers and praises that have been on my mind/heart as of late.

1. Prayer: My kiddos have been testing ALL. WEEK. LONG. Today is day two of three and I think we are all feeling a little burned out. I can tell that they are tired, I’m tired, we are all tired and ready for this week of testing to be over with. Praying for them and their endurance – sometimes I wish I could get rid of all of the testing situations we put our students through.

2. Praise: Baby dresser is built and the crib was delivered yesterday! Things are slowly but surely coming together and that gives me some much needed reassurance and joy right now (because I was feeling super overwhelmed/crazed but the state of our apartment at the moment – how can a tiny human have SO MANY THINGS?)

3. Praise: Maternity pictures this weekend! We are having the same photographer who took our Christmas Card pictures take our maternity pictures and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been scouring Pinterest/magazines for some photo inspiration. I can’t wait to share how they turn out! If you haven’t checked out Kate Love Photography you definitely should.

4. Prayer: I’m really tired. I’m in definite need of some energy and endurance myself. I have been starting to feel the third trimester energy suck this week for sure and with so much to do it can feel really defeating at times. I just pray I’m using my time efficiently so that we can get everything we need to get done.

5. Praise: I’m pretty sure my wordpress account had a heart attack with all of the likes and views my little sweet potato recipe got yesterday! Hello new people – I hope you are enjoying this blog thus far and that I can add a little something to your day! Thanks for the love!

Any prayers/praises on your mind lately?

Happy Wednesday!

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