Thanksgiving 2013

Happy belated thanksgiving everyone! We are currently down in NOLA enjoying family, friends and of course beignets. We spent the day yesterday with my wonderful in-laws eating our fair share of turkey and playing silly games.

A few things I am thankful for this year are…
-This wonderful little life we are so excited to meet this coming April! Lots of kicks have been felt this weekend.
-A wonderful, loving husband who I get to fall more in love with each day. He does such a great job taking care if our little family and I don’t tell him nearly enough.
-Sweet family and friends that constantly bless us with their love and support.
-Close girlfriends – both new and old – to share funny moments with, read good books with, and generally enjoy life with.
-Good jobs that we both genuinely enjoy that provide for our family.
-A goofy puppy dog that has added entertainment and energy (and moments of frustration;) to our life.
-A church community that had given us an opportunity to minister to others and be ministered to.
-Opportunities to grow in our faith lives this year both individually and together.

Just it name a few! I intend on using the rest of this break to enjoy my far away family, spend quality time with my sweet husband, and possibly eat more beignets. We return to our humble abode in Sunday and intend on celebrating this first Sunday of Advent by decorating for Christmas!

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