It’s funny how easy it is to lose track of time. To get so caught up in work and life that you forget to stop and take time for yourself. Am I saying anything new and profound here? No.

But I feel like that has been happening  a lot lately .
I have been overbooking myself left and right and instead of feeling more satisfied with all that I am doing…
I feel exhausted.

I have been living and breathing work these past few months. Activities, challenges, testing… (not to mention the regular classroom maintenance and grading;) I have been working every chance that I get. We are in the home stretch with a little less than two months to go and then my babies will be moving on to fourth grade. It’s so funny how they are growing and changing, learning in new ways. I can tell that most if not all of my kids are ready to move on, ready for summer, ready for their next step in life. I start getting nostalgic this time  of year. It’s when so many chapters end and the thrill of something new starts to sink in.

We have been talking about some changes that are hopefully going to happen in the nearish future. Where we want our life to go and how we want to use our time. Things that we want to work on and new challenges we want to undertake. It’s all so exciting. A little scary, but for the most part filling me with that thrill.

One thought on “hi.

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