7 quickies

Because of my wee winter break hiatus of sorts/post winter break holy-cow-its-too-cray-to-do-anything-but -teach-eat-sleep (too many hyphens? never) hiatus… I haven’t posted any quick takes in quite a while! I’m also posting these not on Friday (rule breaker = me). BUT I did start them on Friday so it counts. So here we go. Joining Jen and some other lovely blogger ladies (bladies?)! Let’s do the         thing (family friendly? always).

1. First week back at school. Always a bit of a doooooozy but we made it. I can honestly say that reflecting back on this week compared to last semester that this week was the hardest one I have had so far this year. Seeing the glass half full (after a good few days of seeing it very, very empty and not filled with anything good), I’m grateful that this kind of week showed itself half way through the school year. Now moving on to the rest of the semester and resting assured that I am doing the absolute best I can with my kiddos and everyone involved in their educational success.

2. Quilting. So one of my sweet teammates at work is expecting a baby girl and I am going to make a baby quilt for this little bit! I took a few sewing classes growing up courtesy of a mother and grandmother who both saw sewing as a useful skill and now I’m going to try and put what was learned to good use! I’m secretly hoping that this might become a new hobby. We’ll see, check back later to see if I still have all of my fingers after using a rotary cutter (first go-round was a bit scary).

3. Sarah + Kelly wedding. Two of our very favorite people got married last week. This couple is such an amazing unit and to see them get married and be a part of their day/weekend was such an incredible experience. I’m still in a dreamy wedding haze from this celebration. When you see something good, it’s goooooood.

4. Winter break… I miss you. I wrote this one on Friday after having a tough couple of days at school. The weekend has helped significantly. I really miss the days that were the best mix of productive + lazy. I miss wearing stretchy pants for a large portion of the day and making up my own schedule…but honestly I think I’m good. Happy to be back to the regimented grind of sorts and having a schedule, and yes even wearing real pants.

5.Thankful for my job, friends, family, etc. It was really nice to come back to school knowing that I have a great group of people I work with. I was repeatedly reminded this week of how lucky I am to work with a team of creative, loving women on a daily basis. I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t grow or learn in some new way.

6. Resolutions….still coming. Maybe next year one of my resolutions will be to think of my resolutions further in advance… or maybe that can be this year. Some things on the list though are:
-healthier eating decisions/meal planning
-getting a decent amount of sleep/becoming a grown up
-making commitments and keeping them
-saying no to enjoy time rather than just fill up my schedule

Like I said…formal post to (hopefully) follow but I’m liking where it’s going so far.

7. WEEKEND. Almost over, but still enjoying it immensely. 🙂

Happy Sunday y’all!

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