I hope everyone had a relaxing and refreshing holiday break. Ours was filled with holiday shopping, travel, and making some big purchases!

It was our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple and we make the trek down to New Orleans to spend time with my husbubs family. I love that city and it will always be one of my favorite places. I have spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws before they were my in-laws, but still something was different about this trip. I missed my family but it hasn’t ceased to amaze me how excited I am about all these new feelings and emotions marriage has brought along. I’m excited for more holidays with both of our families and to experience all of this together. Woohoo marriage!

Moving into this week has been hard just because I was finally getting into the swing of holiday things. Finally finding the appreciation in relaxation and down time. Lots of things on the brain this week though even with the busy-ness that has consumed my life again. Hoping to find time to write it down and reflect on a few things. 
Oh and this baby has helped with the commute back to the daily grind 😉
Happy new week people! Happy start to a wonderful holiday season! 

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