The Dallas Flea

What a weekend! I celebrated a friends birthday on Friday night by jumping on trampolines, I adventured to The Dallas Flea on Saturday morning, joined some friends for a fancy dinner at The Melting Pot on Saturday night, graded a tremendous amount of papers on Sunday morning, and then praised and worshipped my way through another wonderful teen Mass on Sunday night. Full. Full. Full of weekend.

However, I wanted to share a little bit about my experience on Saturday morning at The Dallas Flea. What a fantastic time! I went with some friends from work and we had a BLAST! They all have wonderful blogs as well and I may or may not have stolen pictures from them so be sure to check out their posts as well here, here, and here!

The Flea was located at Southside on Lamar and played host to so many wonderful Dallas vendors! I ended up walking out with a few things, but honestly I wish I could have walked out with EVERYTHING. I could have found something to love on at every single booth. I’m so lucky to live in a city with such talent and creativity everywhere!

Some of my favorite vendors were…

f. is for frank – a jewelry company that specializes in pewter cast jewelry. I loved every single piece they were offering on Saturday and ended up getting this beautiful ‘loved’ necklace. They also had others that said ‘hitched’ and ‘survivor’ not to mention their gorgeous knot rings… can someone say Christmas present? Please?

gemelli – another handmade jewelry vendor that has the motto, “Beautiful things inspired by nature.” I loved every single piece she had on her table. I especially loved her little Dia de los Muertos inspired skulls on her bracelets and itty bitty peace signs. One of the ladies I ventured out with that day ended up getting one of these pretty things. Totes Jeal.

Random – This was by far my favorite find of the day. I saw a few people walking around with vintage metal letters from old store signs and once I saw someone wander by with a gigantic M I knew I had to have one. They had such an assortment and I fell in love with my big-a green M. It is soon to find a perfect little homey home in our apartment. I’m pretty sure I shocked the bearded man I live with when I walked through the door with a letter the size of the door way… oh well! Being design-y. They also had an abundance of awesome books that were cut in the shape of letters. Way cool.

the urban cottage – Cue the totes adorbs Airstream, totes adorbs shop owner, and totes adorbs furniture. I loved walking through their little trailer and looking at all of the revamped furniture. There was a vintage filing cabinet that I would have loved for a nightstand, had I had the spare $250 on me.

Dowdy Studio – our last shopping stop of the day was the Dowdy wagon outside of Southside. We picked up a few things for my friend’s husby and got the chance to chit chat with the owners. This is a husband + wife team who have created their own little studio. The husband silk screens his own original designs on to their shirts and the wife designs their jewelry. Seirously, all of their stuff is so great. I had a hard time saying no to all of their awesome guitar and beard inspired designs. We may just have to stop by their studio party this Saturday!

Lunch was eaten outside of the building from one of our local Dallas food trucks, Ruthie’s. Holymygoshamazing. I have never had such a delicious grilled cheese sammy in my LIFE. Pure gold. Next time I come across this gem of an eatery I plan on getting their Turkey Trot sandwich. Which is their classic grilled cheese but with turkey and BACON. Done.

It was such a wonderful time. I can’t wait to go back in December and this time I plan on taking my mom and sister with me for the holiday adventure. Now here’s to an even more adventurous week in teaching in the wonderful world of 3rd grade and newly wedded blissyfullness (don’t throw up at that…just kidding, you can.)

Happy day!

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