seven quick takes: take 7

Another week! Another squeakety squakey squake of a post. Joining one of my favorite bloggers Grace (if you haven’t read this woman’s blog you are doing yourself a real disservice in the funnies department, read her posts and thank me later for the ab workout you will get from all the laughs) standing in for Jen and some other lovely blogger-type ladies to share seven quick takes from the week. So let’s get to it.

1. This week was long. Like real long. I think full work weeks after a short week tend to be that way though. I am exhausted and in need of a few (million) naps. I love my job. I really do and honestly cannot imagine myself in any other profession at the moment. But this job does take every ounce of my energy. Even though I taught summer school for a month I feel as though I am having to reacquaint myself with the constant tired that takes over my body this time of year. 

2. I have been meaning to post pictures of my classroom. I’ve been meaning to post pictures of a lot of things but the whole new marriage, new school year, readtheabovetake thing has been a wee bit life consuming. Sorry for the busy, I will get pictures up here soon and sweet posts about things in my classroom and all of the posts I have been meaning to write about our honeymoon that was forever and a month ago.For now I will leave you with the gem of a picture that is my door decor for the moment/probably the year. Nothing says third grade like glittery peace signs and big-a border!

3. I want to get on a regular blogging/posting schedule. I started this blog as an outlet. Just a space to write and express and be. I always feel better after I post. I enjoy doing this thing I just want to get on a regular posting schedule. However, I don’t want this to become another task to add to the list. I feel like that can lead to a quick burn out and thus leave me blogless and all sorts of sads. So I want a scheduled-not-schedule. I also want to put a little more effort into this thing. Maybe learn how to make a header or something super fancepants. You know, instead of the whole generic, “I slapped a kind of cute background on here so you would think I put a wee bit of effort but really just wanted to get this thing up and running.” type thing.

4. I love weekends. I forgot how much I really, really appreciate this time. While I am feeling all sorts of overwhelmed at the moment it is nice to realize on a Friday afternoon that I will not be getting up at 5am the next morning. 

5. News on the apartment front: I am wanting to badly to have everything settled into. I feel like we do a great job of cleaning messes up at various points of the week and then somehow clothessplosions happen or my desk gets more stuff on it… things that need to be and will be taken care of in time. Trying to remind myself that time is hard to find right now and that it will get done and we will be able to have people over eventumaybe so I don’t feel like we are hobbits hidden away anymore.

6. Brace yourselves. I’m about to be extremely redundant and say… I love fall. I feel as though these thoughts are all over the place right now. But in all seriousness, real joy was brought to my soul this morning when I walked to my car with a cool breeze wafting in the air rather than humid hot hitting me in the face like car exhaust. Nothing is better than fall after an toasty I-feel-like-I’m-being-cooked-in-an-oven Texas summer. Bring on the boots. 

7. Going to this little shinny shindig tomorrow morning with my dear teaching partner and a couple other ladies from work. It should be good creatively vintagey fun times in the big D. I will (hopfumaybe) write a post about this adventure in the nearish future!

Happy weekend!

6 thoughts on “seven quick takes: take 7

  1. you are too kind! I'm glad I came over to read you … I am always in awe of teachers because I failed miserably during my year as one. that flea looks like a ton of fun .. my good friend (Ann Baker? maybe you know her) loves going!!!

  2. It was fun! Good food and good thrifty finds to be had. I unfortunately have not come across an Ann Baker in our small town but if I bump into her I'll be sure to say hello πŸ˜‰

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