seven quick takes: take 6

I intended on posting yesterday however I was sucked into the vortex that was pre-school room getting ready-ness and then had family commitments in the evening so sorry – blog post took a toasty seat on the back burner. However, still linking up with some other lovely bloggers to post 7 thoughts for your reading enjoyment.

1. This was our first week back in Dallas as a married couple. The transition has been good thus far. It’s been a process to start unpacking from the wedding, honeymoon, and my move the week before the wedding. I know that it will all get done…eventually. I am just having a hard time with the eventually part of that statement. Accepting the perfection in imperfection, this is the daily reminder I am saying to myself every time I trip over something or spend 20 minutes looking for a shoe.

2. I think a part of my holy cow could I be more overwhelmed mentality this week came from heading back up to school. Walking into my room that first time gave me a small heart attack and sent me thinking thoughts about how I won’t be ready for meet the teacher night next Friday. After working in there for a few days things are coming along. Lots of changes coming with this second year of teaching. I’m excited to have a better grasp on what I’m doing and to NOT be planning a wedding on the side.

3. If I were a good little blogger and had actually posted this yesterday I would have said, “I’m so excited to go to Legoland tomorrow!” But it’s Saturday and I’m slacking so instead I’ll say, we went to the Legoland Discovery Center today with my husband’s (!!!) little brother and it. was. AWESOME. I thoroughly enjoyed our adventure. Pictures and commentary coming your way soonish.

4. Yesterday afternoon my beardyman husband and I went to IKEA semi-spontaneously (semi only because we have been planning a trip but we weren’t sure when) and got a new dresser, desk, and office chair for meeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Oh, I am so excited. SO excited. My dresser drawers are currently living on the floor of our bedroom and I could not be happier to have them in their proper place. I never thought I would come to a point in my life where I would be excited about a  new desk to do my work or a dresser to put my clothes away. I’m old. EXCITED and old.

5. This afternoon has been blissful. Ever since we got back I have felt like things, activities, and events have just been going on nonstop. But this afternoon my beardyman put together my new desk and I worked on spray painting some wooden letters for school. Now we are both enjoying some quiet time whilst drinking coffee and eating chocolate chip banana almond muffins. Jeally? 

6. Earlier in the summer I was struggling somewhat with thinking of things to write about. Recently I have been having spurts of inspiration throughout my days. I’m happy to start sharing and writing more regularly.

7. This week will be the teachers first week back to work! I’m actually looking forward to getting this school year started. Getting new students and getting into a new routine. I have a lot of goals in mind for the coming school year. I’m eager to get things started.

Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “seven quick takes: take 6

  1. Congratulations on your wedding, and on starting your victory lap year of teaching. My second year was much better than my first. (Yeah, so I only had two. "Better" only requires two!)

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