squeak, squake: seven quick takes, take 5

It’s been a while since I posted seven quick takes! Joining these lovely ladies over here in the posting frenzy. I have a lot going on so I figured I could find seven things that might interest someone out there besides the constant voice in my head.

1. It’s hot people. Like really hot, I have made a promise to myself to not complain a lot on my little space of the internet but really. I’m so sweaty all the time and this is not ok. I walk to another room, sweaty. I walk between the new apartment and my apartment, sweaty. I breathe, SWEATY. I’m ready for fall, so. ready. In thinking about fall I find myself still wanting the same beautiful, delicious, wonderful, amazing boots from The Frye Company that I want every year. Go ahead, fall in love:

(you can find these pretties right here.)
2. I like good conversations. I feel like those have been happening a lot in my life lately and I don’t want it to stop any time soon. I was able to visit with a friend and her new baby this week and we talked about everything under the sun and it was fantastic. 
3. Bachelorette season finale this Sunday. It’s getting cray up in here. Jef with one f or slobber mouth Arie. Decisions, decisions. I know who I would like to win (Jef with one f) but I have a feeling that Super Tongue takes the win in the end. BLAH. If you choose Arie, Emily I am going to be shooting rays of supreme disappointment from my eyes at the TV screen. SUPREME. 
4. Happy domestic moment of the day: beasting the grocery store! I came in way under budget AND took reusable bags with me, not to mention the right amount of reusable bags. Oh and I made a meal plan for the week and a list before going to the store. Look who’s becoming wifely! 
(next step in domestication domination: matching reusable bags)
5. So many people I know are stepping out into the blogging world and it has been motivation to update mine more. Go ahead, read all of the awesomeness here and here. Both girls that I teach with and am lucky to call my friends! 
 6. 15 days until the married times roll! I tried to wait until the last few takes to mention wedding stuff. I can’t believe we are getting so close! So much to do! Emotionalness! I know that everything will get done, things will be great, but I’m at the point where I can’t really see that light yet and still feel like everything is kind of going crazy. Reminding myself to breathe from time to time helps. 
7. Bachelorette PARTAY this weekend! Pretty stinking pumped to hang out with a bunch of lovely ladies from many a different friend group. I have a feeling it’s going to be a pretty great time. 
(there aren’t going to be any scantily dressed men at my bachelorette party but we are kicking off the weekend by seeing Magic Mike so I thought these funnies my find some humorous appreciation)
Happy weekend!

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