true life: my weekend

Weekends have been especially crazy the past month or so and I keep hoping for them to slow down but I secretly know that that’s not going to happen.

Friday: Celebrated 5 years of not being in high school by having dinner + drinks with my best bud and seeing our old drill team’s spring show. It was one of those nights that was filled with only the fond flashbacks of our high school days. Of course after thinking of said fond memories there was that little part of me that wanted to go back and relive it…then the show ended and I quickly came back to reality, realizing that my life now is WAY better than it was then.

Saturday: Finished up working Saturday School (HOORAYHOORAYHOORAY!!!) for the year and then preceded to do a whole bunch of boring normal people things before getting ready to head out for my dear teaching partner’s bachelorette party! I was really excited about this whole evening until my tummy decided to hate life and make me turn in the towel early. Disappointment all around. Making up for this night WILL be happening sometime in the near future. Do you see that delicious drink up there? It was not thoroughly enjoyed enough.

Sunday: Felt MUCH better than the day before. Whatever death-tummy-wrenching-I-hate-you-body sickness I had was pretty much gone and I was able to consume regular human foods and have a relatively wonderful Sunday. It pretty much consisted of working on wedding things with the (handsomest) beard, singing at Mass, and then hanging out with the teens of our youth group during Lifenight that night. 

Sorry for the lack of posting this week and the tardiness of THIS post! (This is me thinking people actually read this blog besides myself…) We just finished up STAAR testing this week and are now back to our regular scheduled life programming! 

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